Better Rehabilitation, Faster Recovery
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Better rehabiliation, Faster recovery, Lower costs.

MIO helps track, coach, and monitor patients in physical therapy to improve outcomes and reduce costs.

See how MIO can help you get better results!

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What is MIO?
The Complete PT Companion.

MIO uses 21st century technology to help PT patients and clinicians track exercises, get better assessments, and improve recovery times!

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Cutting edge wearable sensors automatically measure range of motion, analyze body movements, recommend workout routines or games, and track exercises to improve rehabilitation.

The MIO Platform
Different Solutions for Different Needs.

MIO Home Kit

Designed for patients at home. Get injury-based routine recommendations, instant exercise feedback, and unbiased assessments. See REAL results every day and get REAL rewards!

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MIO Clinic Kit

Designed for clinics and clinicians. Better engage patients with our real-time 3D model. Record patient measurements, progress, and range of motion data. Works on virtually all body parts!

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MIO Cloud Dashboard

Our portal that connects clinicans to patients. Use the dashboard to create custom HEPs for your patients at home. View your patient's exercise data from the home or clinic app at any time.

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patient lying on back with mio sensors on right knee
What can MIO do?
  • - Measure the ROM of any major joint
  • - Play therapeutic exercise games
  • - Automatically set goals
  • - Create custom HEPs
  • - Reward patients
  • - And much more!
Cutting edge wearable sensors.

Industry leading motion sensors that are easy to stick or strap on anywhere. Dual 9-axis IMUs provide unprecedented accuracy in tracking limbs and joints in 3D space.

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