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Why Therapists should Care about Outcome Measures

December 18th 2018 in Physical Therapy
doctor stretching patient's left leg

The world of therapy can be a bit of a wild west as there are no set standards by any public or private entity to determine the validity and efficacy of a clinic.

So as a patient, how do you select a rehabilitation clinic that works best for you? Some will find themselves taking the first recommendation from a friend, family member, or professional. Some will simply choose geographical convenience and attend a clinic close to home.

Today there is too much inconsistency in the quality and results of care from one therapist to the next.

At MIO, our goal is to set care standards for physical therapy and hold therapist accountable to those standards.

Therapy is a medical field, and as such, rehab therapists strongly identify as evidence-based practitioners. Yet, the practice isn't standardized and there are no universal tools for measuring and monitoring adherence to guidelines across the profession.

This means the next time you walk into a clinic, you won't know what to expect from any given therapy practitioner—and that uncertainty makes them wary of the rehab therapy profession in general.

With unbiased and error-free outcomes data provided by MIO tools, therapists can finally set objective standards to eliminate practice variation and ensure a consistent caliber of care across the profession.