Better Rehabilitation, Faster Recovery
doctor measuring patient's elbow range of motion with mio sensors

Making Physical Therapy Fun and Rewarding!

MIO combines the simplicity of an iOS app with wearable sensors to make physical therapy fun and effective.

Stay motivated with custom exercise programs and games. Get REAL rewards for completing your workouts!

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Introducing MIO Home Therapy
Therapeutic excercises and games for lower back pain.
rendering of spine extension exercise

The best wearable technology to help patients perform PT exercises and recover faster at home.

Increased Patient Adherence

Reduced Time to Recovery

Save on Healthcare Costs

Accurate ROM & Angle Measurements

MIO Home App
Take the guesswork out of physical therapy.

Fully customized routines with condition specific exercises and dynamic goal tracking. Real-time and instant visual feedback help guide you through workouts.

  • Real-time Exercise Tracking
    freeform wrist range of motion screenshot of mio app

    Do exercises correctly with immediate visual feedback and guidance.

    Precise Data Captures

    MIO analyzes your 3D motion data at 100 samples per second, providing a very precise picture of what your patient is doing at any moment.

    Automatic Reps and Sets

    The MIO sensors automatically detect when you successfully complete a proper rep and set for each exercise. You will know exactly when you did or didn't complete a motion correctly.

    Precise Guidance

    Each exercise and workout is guided down to every last detail. Just follow our recommend routines and stop worrying if you're doing it right!

  • Customized Routines
    wrist deviation exercise screenshot of mio home app

    A fully customized experience for your injury or condition.

    Customized therapy routines

    Automatic routine recommendations customized for your injury and condition. No need to research on your own for what works and what doesn't.

    Dynamic Goals

    Using a wealth of built-in measurements, we can accurately assess what targets to set and what goals to strive for. When you level up, your goals do too!

    Supports Most Injuries

    Browse or get recommendations for an ever growing collection of important exercises for each body part + related injuries. New updates regularly.

Can I use MIO?
Yes, it works for most body parts!

MIO sensors work on almost every region of your body and includes a growing collection of exercises associated with the related injuries/conditions.

wrist ulnar radial deviation and flexion extension

Precise Measurements for Each Limb or Joint

Easy Setup

MIO sensors are easy to attach to any body part with our supplied stickers or flexible straps. No cameras, no complex setups, start exercising in minutes.

Accurate Measurements

MIO sensors are extremely accurate, with a typical error rate of < 3°. Traditional goniometers used by PTs have error rates of 5-10°!

Supported Areas

Current supports: wrist, elbow, knee, ankle, neck, hip, spine, and shoulder.

How Do I Get Started?
Start improving in 3 easy steps.

Select the kit you need, download our app, and you'll be getting better at home in no time!

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1. Purchase a Home Kit

Our home kits are all specially tailored for you. Select the body part or injury that best describes your condition and we'll send you a kit customized for your needs.

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download mio home app to start exercising

2. Get MIO Home App

Download our free "MIO Home" app from the iOS app store, connect to our sensors, and start doing exercises!

Use our built-in assessment tool to get automatic recommendations on workouts that are tailored to your condition and goals.

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mio stats, points, and rewards system

3. See Real Improvements

Review detailed stats, see your assessment scores and track your improvements from week to week.

Earn points for doing your exercises everyday and get REAL rewards. Starbucks and Amazon gift cards are waiting for you!

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