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MIO's sensors have been powering researchers and scientists since 2013.

Below are some of the latest publications in the scientific community that have independently tested, validated, or used our products in medical applications.

February 2019

Proposal and Validation of a Knee Measurement System for Patients With Osteoarthritis.

M.C. Fennemaa, R.A. Bloomfieldb, B.A. Lantingc, T.B. Birminghamd, M.G. Teetere - Western University

January 2019

Repeatability of measuring knee flexion angles with wearable inertial sensors.

M.C. Fennemaa, R.A. Bloomfieldb, B.A. Lantingc, T.B. Birminghamd, M.G. Teetere - Western University

July 2018

Validation of wearable sensor performance for orientation tracking and evaluation of movement quality of the spine.

K. Beange, A. Chan, R. Graham - University of Ottawa

July 2018

A novel Artificial Intelligence, powered mobile platform for home-based rehabilitation.

L. Moro, A. Mantoan, S. Lai, A.P. Bardelli, P. Cottone, L. Kubin - MAGIC PCP

June 2018

A Preliminary Evaluation Of A Smart Exercise Application With Wearable Sensors.

E. Vasey, X. Li, T. Yoon, M. Jeon - Michigan Technological University,

February 2018

Automatic gait feature extraction method for identifying gait asymmetry using wearable sensors.

A. Anwary, H. Yu, M. Vassallo - Bournemouth University

January 2018

Monitoring Children and Elderly Using a WBAN.

F. Thamay, M. Morais - State University of ParaĆ­ba

December 2017

Human Motion Modeling and Evaluating Using Wearable Sensor Devices.

N. N. Kelagote - University of Houston-Clear Lake

November 2017

SensX: About Sensing and Assessment of Complex Human Motion.

A. Ebert, M. Kiermeier, C. Marouane, C. Linnhoff-Popienn - Ludwig-Maximilians-University

April 2017

Novel positioning sensor with real-time feedback for improved postoperative positioning.

F. Brodie, D. Ramirez, S. Pandian, K. Woo, et la. - University of San Francisco, California Institute of Technology

November 2016

Design, Development and Evaluation of an mHealth Application to Improve Adolescent Sleep Behaviour.

P. Vaidyanathan - University of Toronto